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Gateron Yellow All Black Switches (KS-3)


Great value smooth linear switches.

Price per 10 switches.

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Gateron Yellow linear switches – “full black” (KS-3) version

A great value linear switch that can give you 85% of the performance of high-end switches (when lubed correctly) for a fraction of the price. Positioned in the “sweet spot” between Reds and Blacks by weight and well loved for its “slow curve” spring.

Here’s what have to say about them:

Best variation of this switch. They do not need films and are by far the smoothest Gateron switches/housings aside from Inks which while definitely smoother are also 6 times the price.

Gateron Linjär and N1 switches are re-colours of the KS-3 for example. The fixing pins (for PCB-mounting) are somewhat wider than Cherry MX, giving a tighter fit. Supports two-pin LED’s only.


  • Linear switch
  • Nylon bottom/nylon top housing
  • POM stem
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Actuation force: 55 cN
  • Bottom-out force: 63.5 cN
  • Actuation distance: 2 mm
  • Total travel: 4 mm

Price per 10 switches.

Weight 0.02 kg


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