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Kit orders placed today ship within 🟠 6-8 business days

Getting Started

So you finally received your kit. What now? Here’s some basic information to help you get started, answer the most common questions and resolve possible issues.

I received my order with incorrect/broken/missing items!

Sorry about that! We can imagine how frustrating that must be… But worry not, we’ll make that right for you the best we can and as fast as we can. Please respond to your order confirmation e-mail and describe the issue in detail, or contact us directly (don’t forget to mention your order number).

Where can I find the build guide for my kit?

Build guides are usually linked from the product pages. We’ll eventually have a page listing updated build guides for all our kits.

Where can I find the firmware?

Please see the firmware page.

Sorry, we're currently unable to ship to Israel 🇮🇱 or Palestine 🇵🇸
🟠 Reopening on Wed 10 May. Thanks for your patience! 🟠