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Where do you ship and how?

While I opened the shop to cater primarily to Europe, we are happy to ship worldwide.

The best shipping option available to many EU countries is Packeta. It’s faster and cheaper for most countries and anything but the lightest packages.

For everywhere else, we use Czech Post.

How much does the shipping cost?

DestinationServiceWeight up toCostSpeed
Czech RepublicCzech Post100 g2.00 GBP1-2 days
Packeta Pickup Point5 kg2.30 GBP1-2 days
Packeta Home Delivery5 kg3.60 GBP1-2 days
SlovakiaPacketa Home Delivery1 kg4.00 GBP2-3 days
EuropeCzech Post50 g3.60 GBP3-7 days
100 g4.50 GBP
250 g6.50 GBP
500 g7.60 GBP
1 kg11.00 GBP
Packeta1 kg5.50-8.00 GBP3-5 days
Europe DK, SE, IEPacketa1 kg9.00-14.00 GBP5-7 days
Rest of the worldCzech Post50 g5.00 GBP1-3 weeks
100 g6.00 GBP
250 g7.00 GBP
500 g12.00 GBP
1 kg17.00 GBP

For shipping we now use custom cardboard boxes, laser-cut in house 🙂