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Custom Shipping Boxes

Ever since the beginning, I was dreaming of having custom shipping boxes, perhaps even in a few different sizes to fit the many different kits we offer. When I finally started looking for them, I quickly found out they are pretty expensive, have high minimum order quantity and fairly long lead time.

Fortunately, I also remembered what Max suggested a while ago – that I could perhaps cut my own cardboard boxes on the laser cutter. So after a short search I found a very nice website which can generate dozens of types of fully customisable cardboard boxes. I found the exact type I wanted (FEFCO 0427), punched in the dimensions and got a PDF template that I can laser-cut from a 3 mm cardboard sheet (that we’ve been use for our normal poor-man’s packaging).

First 5 customised templates are free, and more can be purchased for as low as $0.95 depending on the box type (FEFCO 0427 costs $2.55 – a bargain in my eyes).

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