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Black Pill STM32 Arm Controller


Powerful and cheap microcontroller module with lots of I/O and a USB-C socket

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Black Pill STM32 Arm Controller Module

Powerful and cheap alternative to the Pro Micro with USB-C socket

Please note, it is not physically compatible with the Pro Micro. The PCB needs to be specifically designed for it.


  • Powerful Arm Cortex M4 core with high clock speed
  • A lot more memory, flash and I/O pins than the Pro Micro
  • USB-C socket
  • DFU bootloader, can be programmed easily using dfu-util
  • Runs on 3.3 V, but many pins are 5 V-tolerant
  • On-board reset and boot buttons
  • Comes with 2 20-pin headers and 1 4-pin programming header (not required thanks to the USB bootloader)

Two versions are available:


  • STM32F401CCU6 MCU
  • Tinned PCB finish
  • 84 MHz clock speed
  • 64 kB SRAM
  • 256 kB flash
  • 35 I/O pins


  • STM32F411CEU6 MCU
  • Gold-plated PCB finish
  • 100 MHz clock speed
  • 128 kB SRAM
  • 512 kB flash
  • 35 I/O pins

Both versions are pin-compatible.

(For comparison: the ATmega32u4 on the Pro Micro has 16 MHz clock, 2.5 kB SRAM, 32 KB flash and only 18 I/O pins.)

Weight 0.02 kg

F401, F411


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