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Mill Max “0305” Switch Sockets


Turn almost any standard PCB into a hotswap one.

Sold in various packs containing enough sockets for specific kits

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Would you like the freedom to swap switches in your board, but it is not hotswappable? Just get some Mill Max sockets and turn almost any standard PCB into a hotswap one!

  • Total length: 3.94 mm
  • Diameter: 1.47 mm
  • PCB mounting hole diameter: 1.50-1.55 mm
  • Flange thickness: 0.64 mm
  • Flange diameter: 1.93 mm

There are other “higher-end” sockets (Mill Max 7305 or even 3305), but they cost 2-3x as much which we don’t consider good value (and therefore don’t stock them). The 0305 sockets are a bit longer than necessary and they protrude from the back of the PCB by about 1.7 mm, but that actually makes them easier to solder.

You will need 2 sockets per switch.

Available in a number of packs containing enough sockets for various kits (with a few spares).

Weight 0.006 kg

For 1 switch (2 pcs), Discipline (150 pcs), Fruitbar R2 (120 pcs), Herringbone Pro (175 pcs), Lumberjack (125 pcs), Mysterium (185 pcs), Plaid-C (100 pcs), Reviung34 (70 pcs), Romeo (90 pcs), Southpaw75 (165 pcs), Unix60 (130 pcs)


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