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Fruitbar R2 40%+ Acrylic Keyboard Kit


The long awaited successor to one of the most popular introductions to 40s keyboards is here!

Comes with a stacked acrylic case designed by 42. Keebs.

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Fruitbar is here to make the introduction to 40% keyboards as smooth as possible, and Round 2 improves on almost every aspect over the original round from Fruitykeeb.

Comes with a stacked acrylic case designed by 42. Keebs.

Some of the improvements for Round 2 are:

  • Better layout support – supported layouts have been expanded to include better bottom row and split spacebar options, stepped caps lock, and improved ISO compatibility
  • Factory-assembled PCB with integrated powerful RP2040 controller! Soldering and assembling your Fruitbar is easier than ever and takes less than half the time as Round 1


  • Factory-assembled PCB – you only need to solder in switches of your choice, or install Mill Max switch sockets to make the PCB hotswappable
  • Base kit compatibility! With almost every GMK and ePBT base kit including arrows and the extra 2.25u shift key, Fruitbar is compatible with the majority of your existing keycap sets!
  • Full QMK/Vial support – comes pre-flashed with Vial for easy on-the-fly keymap modification using the Vial software
  • Optional OLED screen – navigating layers can sometimes be hard on 40s, the OLED screen provides an easy and customizable readout of what layer is currently active
  • Supports optional EC11 rotary encoder in the top right position
  • RGB underglow can be added easily using a WS2812B LED strip

Kit includes:

  • Factory-assembled PCB (red soldermask, white silk screen printing, gold-plated contacts)
  • Stacked acrylic case (switch plate, 2x mid plate, bottom plate)
  • Screws and Standoffs
  • Silicone feet

Required parts not included in the kit:

  • 51-57x Cherry MX-compatible switches (depending on the layout)
  • 0-1x 6.25u or 7u + 0-5x 2u PCB-mounted stabilizers (depending on the layout; plate-mounted stabilizers are not supported)
  • Keycaps

Optional add-ons available:

  • 0.91″ OLED screen
  • EC11 encoder
  • Aluminium encoder knob
  • EVA switch plate foam

Please note the pictures are slightly out of date – the OLED cutout is much larger to make it fit (the size of the actual OLED module).

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