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Fruitbar 40%+ Keyboard Kit (White/Purple)


Cool 40%+ keyboard kit with arrow cluster and base kit compatibility

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Designed by In the words of the designer, Fruit himself:

When I first got into 40s, the loss of punctuation, arrow keys, and weird mod sizes meant a steep learning curve and a struggle to find compatible keycaps. This is why I created Fruitbar; with a fun name and a fun size, Fruitbar is aimed to make your introduction to 40s as smooth and accessible as possible!

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  • Base kit compatibility! With almost every GMK and ePBT base kit including arrows and the extra 2.25u shift key, Fruitbar is compatible with the majority of your existing keycap sets!
  • QMK, Vial, and ZMK support! Fruitbar utilizes the versatile Pro-Micro controller. This means Fruitbar is compatible with Nice!Nano and other Pro-Micro derivatives.
  • OLED Screen included! Navigating layers can sometimes be hard on 40s, the included OLED screen provides an easy and customizable readout of what layer is currently active.
  • Supports optional rotary encoder in the top right position (Elite-C required!)
  • RGB underglow can be added easily using a WS2812B LED strip (Elite-C required!)

Kit includes:

  • PCB (Purple)
  • Top Plate (White)
  • Bottom Plate (White)
  • Diodes (60)
  • Screws and Standoffs
  • Silicone feet
  • 0.91″ OLED screen

Optional addons available (not included):

  • Pro Micro USB-C (available in purple too! 🙂 )
  • EC11 encoder
  • Aluminium encoder knob
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