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Mill Max “315” Sockets / “3320” Pins for Pro Micro


Precision low-profile sockets / pins for Pro Micro (and compatible)


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Mill Max “315” low-profile sockets / “3320” pins

Suitable for Pro Micro and compatible controllers (Elite-C, nice!nano etc.)


  • Precision single-row (SIP) sockets
  • Just 2.8 mm tall
  • Accepts pins 0.040-0.056 mm in diameter
  • If you want to save on pins, cut off diode legs work just fine

Very low profile. If you’d like your microcontroller module to sit a bit higher, consider using our medium-profile microcontroller socket.

Pack contains 2x 12-pin socket


  • Gold plated pins
  • Length: 6.3 mm
  • Diameter: 0.052 mm

Pack contains 25 pins

Sockets + Pins:

Pack contains 2x 12-pin sockets + 25 pins

Weight 0.01 kg


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