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Microcontroller Socket (Medium-profile)


Single-row microcontroller socket (1 row, 40 sockets)

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Single-row microcontroller socket

  • Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.1″)
  • Height: 4.4 mm above the PCB

Allows removable mounting of the nice!nano/Frood/Pro Micro/Black Pill or other microcontroller:

  • Solder the sockets into the PCB instead of the microcontroller
  • Place the microcontroller module on top of the sockets
  • Insert left-over LED/diode leg cutoffs or Mill Max 3320 pins into the sockets through the microcontroller holes
  • Solder the legs into the microcontroller and trim them flush with side cutters

Medium profile. If you’d like your microcontroller module to sit as low as possible, check out Mill Max 315 low-profile sockets.

Comes as a single row with 40 sockets. Can be cut to length with a sharp utility knife.

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