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Custom Laser-cut Switch Plate/Other Part


Custom laser-cut switch plate (or other part)

Please read the description carefully and get in touch before ordering.

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  • Acrylic 3 mm *

  • Plywood 3 mm *

  • Acrylic 5 mm *

  • Plywood 5 mm *

  • POM 1.5 mm *

    Tough engineering plastic, also known as Delrin or acetal.

  • Acrylic 2 mm *

  • PP 1.8 mm *

    Polypropylene (PP) melts around the edges during cutting, causing cosmetic defects on the bottom of the plate and making the effective plate thickness 1.8 mm. Despite this, switches are held in the plate quite securely and the top of the plate is very clean.

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Custom laser-cut switch plate (or other part)

  • Available materials
    • Acrylic (a.k.a. plexiglass, PMMA) – 2, 3, and 5 mm
    • POM (a.k.a. Delrin, acetal) – 1.5 mm
    • Polypropylene (PP) – 1.6 mm
    • Plywood – 3 and 5 mm
  • Available in a number of colours

⚠ Please note:

  • POM sheets come without protective film and will therefore have some fine scratches that will be somewhat visible on black POM, but much less on white POM
  • POM will also show some minor flaming around the cut edge. Again, this is barely noticeable on white POM. It should not be an issue as most of the cut edges are hidden underneath the keycaps but you should be aware of this.
  • Polypropylene (PP) cuts very easily, however, it melts around the edge during cutting, causing cosmetic defects on the bottom of the plate and making the effective thickness of the plate to be 1.8 mm. Despite this, the top of the plate is very clean and the switches are held in the plate quite securely. Please review the last 2 product photos showing the top and bottom of a PP plate.
  • Plywood will show some burn marks around the cut edges on the bottom (top side when cutting) and to a lesser extent on the top as well (brown discoloration from the smoke). These can sanded off quite easily
  • Plywood can also become warped when the moisture content changes. It will either not matter (e.g. in case of a switch plate that is firmly attached to a PCB via switches) or it can be straightened out by wetting the plywood, ironing, and slowly letting to dry.

How to order?

  1. Contact us by e-mailing before ordering and provide us with a source  2D drawing. Accepted file formats: DXF, SVG, PDF, EPS (Please try to avoid DWG, AI and other proprietary file formats. However, we’ll try to help if that’s all you have and are not able to convert the file yourself.)
  2. The files should have closed shapes so that automatic kerf correction (compensation for the width of the cut) can be applied during cutting. No kerf correction should be applied to the file.
  3. If the file does not have closed shapes, I might be able to edit the file and close them. If the file needs too many modifications we might apply a small surcharge, or ask you to provide files that are either fixed, or with the correct kerf applied.
  4. We will provide a price quotation (in case of a plate that doesn’t fit one of the standard sizes)
  5. You can then add this product to cart and order
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