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Lumberjack Pro

⚠️ This page is still a work in progress ⚠️

Please read the original build guide first. Here are the differences:

  • Bill of materials:
    • Main PCB
    • 60x switch diodes
    • 60x Kailh MX hotswap sockets
    • USB-C socket (not used with a nice!nano)
    • 2x 5.1 kΩ resistors for USB-C (not used with a nice!nano)
    • 3x SK6812 (5050) SMD RGB modules
    • Reset switch
    • 4x 10 mm brass standoffs + 8x 4 mm screws for the acrylic cover
    • (Optional) Bottom plate, 8x 5 mm brass standoffs, 10x screws
  • Since a controller module (Frood, nice!nano) is used instead of a discrete MCU, fewer components are used:
    • Kailh MX hotswap sockets
    • Resistors for USB-C on the bottom of the PCB below the USB-C socket (not fitted if using nice!nano)
    • USB-C socket (not fitted if using nice!nano)
    • Switch diodes
    • Reset switch (on the top of the PCB at the bottom below the diodes)
    • (Optional) 3x SK6812 RGB modules

Soldering the hotswap sockets

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🟠 Reopening on Wed 10 May. Thanks for your patience! 🟠