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Please create an account and join the waitlist here if you want to order a kit.

You can read the full explanation below.

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PLEASE NOTE, while we’re making our way down the waitlist as fast as we can, it’s still quite long. If you join today, it might take 4-6 weeks for us to be ready to accept your order. Apologies for the long wait!

Since the early times of the shop, we have been operating in “batches”. We would open for orders, receive a relatively large number of them in a very short time, and then we would have to close again as it would take us 4+ weeks to process the batch of orders with our limited resources. This was not nice – neither for you nor for us. It put a lot of pressure on us, and meant the shop was closed most of the time.

Now that we run the shop full time we really need to get away from order batches and move towards normal day-to-day operations. To achieve that we decided to organise the current opening quite differently:

  1. Shop opens for normal ordering of parts and accessories only (we can process such orders very quickly)
  2. If you want to order a kit, create an account (important!) and join the waitlist on this product
  3. We’ll select as many people from the top of the waitlist as we can serve within 7-10 days, enable ordering for their accounts, and send them an email notification
  4. We’ll process the orders within 3-5 business days
  5. IF LENGTH(waitlist) > 0: GOTO 3
  6. At this point we will have satisfied the surge in demand and we can fully and permanently open the shop

Thanks for your understanding. I’m really looking forward to the end goal – being able to take a relatively small number of orders daily and processing them right away!


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