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Unix60 ANSI/ISO HHKB 60% (Green)


Build your very own custom HHKB 60% keyboard from scratch!

Easy to solder, uses only through-hole components.

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Unix60 ANSI/ISO HHKB 60% Through-Hole Keyboard Kit

Designed by the great guys of (Discord). The co-designers receive a share of the profits from each kit sold.

This is the original version with undersized plate cutouts that are very tight. That’s why it’s on sale with a 25% discount.

Build your very own custom HHKB 60% keyboard from scratch!

  • 60-key “HHKB” layout
  • Supports bot ANSI and ISO layouts
  • Very easy to build, uses through-hole diodes (unless you choose SMD ones)
  • Uses a Pro Micro controller (available as add-on)
  • Tinned finish, green solder mask

Documentation in the GitHub repository

Kit includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Bottom plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • FR4 switch plate
  • 64x through-hole or SMD diodes (your choice)
  • Reset switch
  • Brass standoffs and screws

Other parts required to finish build not included in kit:

  • Pro Micro controller (or compatible, like Elite-C, nice!nano etc.)
  • 2-4x 2u and 1x 7u stabiliser (depending on the chosen layout)
  • 61-62x Cherry MX-comaptible switches (depending on the layout)
  • Keycaps

Available optional add-ons:

  • Pro Micro controller/Elite-C
  • Aluminium cone feet (double-sided tape required for mounting on the green version only)
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