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Sesame Ergo 60% Kit (Black)


Build your very own custom ergonomic Alice-like keyboard from scratch!

Easy to solder, uses only through-hole components.

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Sesame Ergo 60% Through-Hole Keyboard Kit

Designed by kb-elmo of and kindly licensed for sale on 42. Keebs. The designer receives a portion of the proceeds from every sale.

Build your very own custom ergonomic keyboard from scratch!

  • 60% ergonomic Alice-like layout
  • Includes a FR4 switch plate
  • USB-C connector
  • Lead-free tinned finish
  • Black solder mask

The kit is easy to solder as it uses only through-hole components. The only slightly tricky part is the USB-C connector as the pins have a small pitch. If you’re unsure, I can solder it for you.

Build guide in the GitHub repository

Kit includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Bottom plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • Switch plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • All electronic components
  • Controller flashed with USBaspLoader bootloader
  • Brass standoffs and screws
  • Acrylic cover

Optional parts available:

  • Anodised aluminium cone feet (see Add-ons)

Other parts not included in the kit:

  • 5x 2u stabilizers
  • Switches
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