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Mysterium “V1.5b” ANSI/ISO TKL Kit (SEMI BUILT) (Black)


Build your very own custom TKL keyboard from scratch!

Easy to solder, uses only through-hole components.

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Mysterium TKL Through-Hole Keyboard Kit

Originally designed by coseyfannitutti of and modified by 42. Keebs to support the ISO layout as well as ANSI.

This is the second prototype of the unified ANSI/ISO version. Due to a misunderstanding of the Mysterium V2 layout, it is not fully compatible with the official QMK firmware and needs a custom layout. The controller will come pre-flashed with the default ISO layout.

Modified QMK firmware – to flash your custom keymap, modify the file keyboards/42keebs/mysterium_v15_b2/keymaps/iso/keymap.c to your liking and flash using make 42keebs/42keebs/mysterium_v15_b2:iso:usbasp.

This unit is partially build – it has all the base parts (USB-C, controller, crystal, resistors, capacitors etc.) except most of the switch diodes soldered.

Build your very own custom keyboard from scratch!

  • Tenkeyless (TKL) 80% layout
  • Supports both ISO and ANSI layouts
  • Easy to solder, uses only through-hole components (no SMD)
  • The only slightly tricky part to solder is the USB-C connector. If you feel a bit unsure, I can solder it for you for a small extra.
  • Optional FR4 switch plate available
  • Lead-free tinned finish, black solder mask

Documentation in the GitHub repository

Kit includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Bottom plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • All electronic components
  • Controller flashed with USBaspLoader bootloader
  • Brass standoffs and screws
  • Acrylic cover(s):
    • Plateless version: top and arrow cluster covers provided
    • Version with a plate: only top cover provided (the plate currently doesn’t support the arrow cluster one)

Optional add-ons available:

  • FR4 switch plate
  • Anodised aluminium cone feet

Kit does not include:

  • Switches, stabilizers, keycaps
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