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Corne Classic Split Ergo 40% Kit (Black)


Build your very own split ergo 40% custom keyboard from scratch!

Easy to build, uses Pro Micro (or compatible) controllers.

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Corne Classic Split Ergo 40% Keyboard Kit

Designed by Kosuke Adachi (a.k.a. foostan). The designer receives a portion of the proceeds from every sale.

Build your very own custom split keyboard from scratch!

  • Split 12×3 + 6 (40%-ish) ortho/ergo layout
  • Supports Cherry MX-compatible, Kailh Choc and Alps switches
  • Supports in-switch RGB LEDs and RGB underglow (RGB LEDs not currently included)
  • Optional OLED screens
  • Very easy to build – based on Pro Micro controllers
  • Tinned lead-free finish, black solder mask

Modified by me (u/piit79) for “bottom mount” (PCB attaches to bottom plate via standoffs) with clean switch plate (no holes). Outermost column cannot be broken off on this version.

Build guide in the GitHub repository

Kit includes:

  • 2x main PCB
  • 2x bottom plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • 2x FR4 switch plate
  • 42x through-hole or SMD diode (selectable)
  • 2x TRRS socket
  • 2x reset switch
  • Brass standoffs and screws
  • Acrylic covers

Available optional add-ons:

  • Pro Micros
  • OLED screens
  • TRRS cable

Other parts required to finish build:

  • 2x Pro Micro or compatible controllers (Elite-C etc.)
  • 42x Cherry MX-compatible, Kailh Choc or Alps switches

Other optional parts not included in the kit:

  • In-switch/underglow RGB LEDs (54 needed)
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