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[GB] Fruitbar R2 Extra PCB


Extra PCB for the Fruitbar R2 kit

Group buy will run from 11 February until 3 March (midnight GMT).

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Welcome to Fruitbar Round 2, the long awaited successor to one of the most popular introductions to 40s keyboards!

The group buy is open from 11 February until 3 March (midnight GMT) and is expected to ship in May 2023.

Extra PCB for the Fruitbar R2 kit

A complete board can be built using the PCB and the stacked acrylic case designed and produced by 42. Keebs.


  • Factory-assembled PCB – you only need to solder in switches of your choice, or install Mill Max switch sockets to make the PCB hotswappable
  • Red solder mask, white silk screen printing, gold-plated contact finish
  • Base kit compatibility! With almost every GMK and ePBT base kit including arrows and the extra 2.25u shift key, Fruitbar is compatible with the majority of your existing keycap sets!
  • Full QMK/Vial support – comes pre-flashed with Vial for easy on-the-fly keymap modification using the Vial software
  • Optional OLED screen – navigating layers can sometimes be hard on 40s, the OLED screen provides an easy and customizable readout of what layer is currently active
  • Supports optional EC11 rotary encoder in the top right position
  • RGB underglow can be added easily using a WS2812B LED strip

Group Buy Terms

This is a Group Buy (GB) product. It is currently not in stock and will be manufactured for you after the GB period. As such, there are no refunds available (except at the discretion of 42. Keebs in exceptional circumstances) once the GB has closed and the order has been submitted to the manufacturer. Please make sure you consider this before joining.

If you join this GB, your order will ship after production is completed approximately in May 2023. However, delays can happen due to circumstances beyond our control during manufacturing and/or shipping. The ship date is a conservative estimate and is not guaranteed.

Please do not add in-stock items to the same order unless you’re happy to receive them at the same time as the group buy items.

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